Niimura Shinya (niimura_shinya) wrote in portal_game,
Niimura Shinya

Newbie introduction + request

Hey there ! I just joined this community and I am a new fan of Portal.
I never actually played the game but I watched all the walkthroughs of
Portal 1 and 2, and I fell in love with it. I noticed the quite large amount
of fanfictions about this game, and, even though I love Wheatley/Chell, I'm in
desperate need of ATLAS/P-Body stories... Besides those on, is there another
source where I could find stories? If not, here's my second request.

I am a roleplayer, and I would like to try my hand at doing some Portal roleplay,
with the ATLAS and P-Body pairing. I think I could pull out a decent
P-Body muse, so I'd be looking for an ATLAS... Those two adorable bots are so close together
it's just too cute. I'm one of those who see P-Body as a female bot, so if I do find a roleplay partner, they'd have to accept that fact, cause I ain't going to change this. I'm seeking 18+ people, as I am 29, and I just feel a bit awkward with people younger... Don't take it badly, I'm just like that.

If someone would be interrested doing this with me, please comment or send me a private message... I'll give you either my MSN address or my regular email address, and a slice of cake. I promise this cake is not a lie...
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